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New in the one big soup one big soup is the tap-dancing-wiki.

The whoRthey-wiki works now.



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The wiki-net of the whoRthey-wiki:

machine code block

who help who help

The wiki-net pages for the main pages:

wiki-net changes wiki-net changes

wiki-net feeds complete wiki-net feeds complete

wiki-net soups wiki-net soups

The wiki-net pages for the day-page-sets:

wiki-net day-page-sets wiki-net day-page-sets

wiki-net faces wiki-net faces

wiki-net lists wiki-net lists

wiki-net local names wiki-net local names

wiki-net talk wiki-net talk

wiki-net tings wiki-net tings

wiki-net wiki ideas wiki-net wiki ideas

The wiki-net pages for the search queries:

wiki-net groups wiki-net groups

wiki-net Mµs wiki-net Mµs

end machine code block
about the latest modification

Refreshing the feed, fixed links.


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one big soupkabo-wiki-hive – whoRthey-wiki – one big soup one-big-soup-feed [en]+[xx]-

The wikis in the one big soup have home pages in the whoRthey-wiki:

  1. carrotmob-wiki
    kabo-wiki-hive – carrotmob-wiki [en]+[xx]-
  2. de-diki-Zentrum-wiki
    diki-wiki-Nest – de-diki-Zentrum-wiki [de]
  3. de-eArt-Zentrum-wiki
    eArt-wiki-Nest – de-eArt-Zentrum-wiki [de]
  4. de-kabo-Zentrum-wiki
    kabo-wiki-Nest – de-kabo-Zentrum-wiki [de]
  5. de-obm-Zentrum-wiki
    obm-wiki-Nest – de-obm-Zentrum-wiki [de]
  6. de-odd-Zentrum-wiki
    odd-wiki-Nest – de-odd-Zentrum-wiki [de]
  7. diki-list-wiki
    diki-wiki-hive – diki-list-wiki [en]
  8. diki-wiki-hive
    diki-wiki-hive [de]+[en]+[fr]+
  9. eArt-list-wiki
    eArt-wiki-hive – eArt-list-wiki [en]
  10. eArt-wiki-hive
    eArt-wiki-hive [de]+[en]+[fr]+
  11. en-diki-center-wiki
    diki-wiki-hive – en-diki-center-wiki [en]
  12. en-eArt-center-wiki
    eArt-wiki-hive – en-eArt-center-wiki [en]
  13. en-kabo-center-wiki
    kabo-wiki-hive – en-kabo-center-wiki [en]
  14. en-obm-center-wiki
    obm-wiki-hive – en-obm-center-wiki [en]
  15. en-odd-center-wiki
    odd-wiki-hive – en-odd-center-wiki [en]
  16. fr-kabo-centre-wiki
    ruche-kabo-wiki – fr-kabo-centre-wiki [fr]
  17. Greenland-wiki
    kabo-wiki-hive – Greenland-wiki [en]+[xx]-
  18. hack-Babel-wiki
    kabo-wiki-hive – hack-Babel-wiki [en]+[xx]-
  19. hive-wiki
    obm-wiki-hive – hive-wiki [en]
  20. jokes-wiki
    kabo-wiki-hive – jokes-wiki [en]+[xx]-
  21. kabo-list-wiki
    kabo-wiki-hive – kabo-list-wiki [en]
  22. kabo-wiki-hive
    kabo-wiki-hive [de]+[en]+[fr]+
  23. Kilifi-wiki
    kabo-wiki-hive – Kilifi-wiki [en]+[xx]-
  24. local-names-wiki
    kabo-wiki-hive – local-names-wiki [en]
  25. love-letter-wiki
    eArt-wiki-hive – love-letter-wiki [en]+[xx]-
  26. Mattis-Manzel-wiki
    odd-wiki-hive – Mattis-Manzel-wiki [en]+[de]-
  27. Melbourne-wiki
    odd-wiki-hive – Melbourne-wiki [en]
  28. multilingual-wiki
    kabo-wiki-hive – multilingual-wiki [en]+[xx]-
  29. NSA-wiki
    obm-wiki-hive – NSA-wiki [en]+[xx]-
  30. obm-list-wiki
    obm-wiki-hive – obm-list-wiki [en]
  31. obm-wiki-hive
    obm-wiki-hive [de]+[en]+[fr]+
  32. odd-list-wiki
    odd-wiki-hive – odd-list-wiki [en]
  33. odd-wiki-hive
    odd-wiki-hive [de]+[en]+[fr]+
  34. Piraten-wiki
    obm-wiki-Nest – Piraten-wiki [de]
  35. pussy-riot-wiki
    eArt-wiki-hive – pussy-riot-wiki [en]+[xx]-
  36. queer-center-wiki
    odd-wiki-hive – queer-center-wiki [en]+[xx]-
  37. software-bazaar-wiki
    odd-wiki-hive – software-bazaar-wiki [en]+[xx]-
  38. Solitude-wiki
    eArt-wiki-hive – Solitude-wiki [en]+[xx]-
  39. Stuttgart-wiki
    odd-wiki-Nest – Stuttgart-wiki [de]
  40. Sylt-wiki
    odd-wiki-Nest – Sylt-wiki [de]
  41. tap-dancing-wiki
    eArt-wiki-hive – tap-dancing-wiki [en]+[xx]-
  42. Venezia-wiki
    odd-wiki-alveare – Venezia-wiki [it]
  43. Welt-Demokratie-wiki
    obm-wiki-Nest – Welt-Demokratie-wiki [de]
  44. whoRthey-wiki
    kabo-wiki-hive – whoRthey-wiki [en]
  45. ‘wiki-net’
    odd-wiki-hive – ‘wiki-net’ [en]
  46. wikileaks-wiki
    kabo-wiki-hive – wikileaks-wiki [en]+[xx]-
  47. world-democracy-wiki
    obm-wiki-hive – world-democracy-wiki [en]

The pages one big hive, all xxx aggregate the wikis in the one big soup.

aggregations of main pages:

aggregations of day-page-sets:

aggregations of search queries:

about the latest modification

Mattis Manzel:
Added the tap-dancing-wiki.


kabo-wiki-hive - whoRthey-wiki

periphery feedskabo-wiki-hive – whoRthey-wiki – periphery feeds periphery-feeds-feed [en]+[xx]-

Feeds provided by the periphery of connected web-services and search queries associated with the whoRthey-wiki:
http://bit.ly/16RYPDY ← = is provided by the user account xxx – whoRthey-wiki
http://bit.ly/16RYPDY → or http://bit.ly/16RYPDZ = is included into the page in the whoRthey-wiki

Feeds provided by user accounts for the whoRthey-wiki on connected web-services importing the soup soup:

More feeds in the periphery of connected web-services:

bit.ly-whoRthey-wiki-feedbit.ly – whoRthey-wiki

http://bit.ly/16RYPDY → yahoo pipes whoRthey-wiki

Feeds for the search queries:

blogs-with-one-big-soup-feed blogs-with-one-big-soup-feed

http://bit.ly/16RYPDY → delicious tag OneBigSoup

friends-whoRthey-wiki-feed friends-whoRthey-wiki-feed

groups-one-big-soup-feed groups-one-big-soup-feed

Mµs-tag-OneBigSoup-fee Mµs-tag-OneBigSoup-feed
http://bit.ly/16RYPDY Mµs tag OneBigSou Mµs tag OneBigSoup

Mµs-with-one-big-soup-fee Mµs-with-one-big-soup-feed
http://bit.ly/16RYPDY Mµs with one big sou Mµs with one big soup

Feeds for pages aggregating the periphery feeds of the wikis in the
one big soup one big soup:

about the latest modification

Added the google-blog-search-one-big-soup-feed, the icerocket-blog-search-one-big-soup-feed, the twingly-blog-search-one-big-soup-feed and a few facebook feeds. Restructured the list. Reduced the mouse over texts.


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wiki feedskabo-wiki-hive – whoRthey-wiki – wiki feeds wiki-feeds-feed [en]+[xx]-

Feeds provided by the whoRthey-wiki:
Pics:Pic.39.png http://bit.ly/16RYPDZ = is included into the page in the whoRthey-wiki

Feeds provided by the main pages:

Feeds provided by the day-page-sets:

Feeds for pages in the whoRthey-wiki aggregating the wiki feeds of the wikis in the one big soup one big soup:

main pages:


about the latest modification

Refreshing the feed, no changes.


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day-page-setskabo-wiki-hive – whoRthey-wiki – day-page-sets day-page-sets-feed [en]

The list of day-page-sets in the whoRthey-wiki:

about the latest modification

Mattis Manzel:
Reduced the mouse over texts.